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Annecy 2015 - 4th day
Annecy 2015 - 3rd day
Annecy 2015 - 2nd day
Annecy 2015 - 1st day
Handy Hammock Launch
Outdoor Trophy - Press Release
More Niagara Flying
Niagara Flying
Jason and Roy resume training
Closing down sale
Slovenia Paragliding Trip - 1
Free paragliding magazine
Paragliding Accomodation in France
DVD Review - Flying the Falls
Himalayan paragliding
PPG Training (Sunday)
PPG Training (Saturday)
Annecy - Jason's 2nd dbag - final day
Annecy 2007 - Mont Blanc - day 7

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Who Killed The Electric PPG
Who Killed The Electric PPG
Christmas Presents for Paraglider Pilots
Christmas Presents for Paraglider Pilots
Come fly with us
Hi Mark
Hi Mark
Hi Mark
Hi Mark
Where are you based
Where are you based
Finger Lakes this weekend
Finger Lakes this weekend
Don't unclip your leg-straps if you might re-launch
Don't unclip your leg-straps if you might re-launch
Italy valley flight
Italy valley flight
Italy valley flight
Italy valley flight
Free Paragliding T-shirts designs

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Flying Video
Bullet Camera website. Solid state storage solutions, wireless accessories and bullet camera mounts. Use the code freedel for free delivery!
Simply the best paragliding video website on the internet.

I salute you K-Leb!
A great video website wth many excellent trike flying films.

Damien Beresford is an Aussie living in the US. He has mastered his film making skills to the point where I can watch his vdeos, even if they`re not about flying.
A great site with some excellent videos. Arjan is an acro enthusiast. Watch the videos you`ll see what I mean.
Home made PPG videos by the bucket full New site - Videos, Photos and more
Great site dedicated to Acro. A MUST SEE!

Flying Forums and Message Boards
English language multi-national paragliding forum.

Best forum out there for free flight paragliding. Thousands of active members. Get involved in the discussion.
The Oz Report Forum

Source of all things Hang Gliding with a bit of Paragliding thrown in for good measure
Air Sports Net Message Board Index
SAT Paragliding Forum Paragliding Forums Index
The Flying Forum for Pilots of the World
Arizona Powered Paragliding
Paragliding Forum
Paramotoring.US - Members
SAT Paragliding Forum
SkyForum PPG
HPAC Forum Flying Forum
Crestline Soaring Society

Paragliding Holidays - please submit your link
Paragliding in Turkey
Argentina Paragliding Tours
Paragliding courses and holidays, based in the Frence Alps.
Visit Eternity Press for books and videos about Paragliding in South Africa
Paragliding in Cape Town, South Africa
Paragliding in the Dominican Republic - everything you need to fly in the caribbean.
Paragliding in Argentina Paragliding tours of Argentina

Links submitted by visitors
A whole array of paragliding resources down under
Come Soar the Rockies and Southwest Colorado. Personal Flight of Pagosa Springs, Pagosa Springs welcomes ppgs and Ultralight trikes:)
Derek Traynor Paragliding photos
Lots more amateur video footage of powered paragliding/paramotoring
Scooter Towing. A short video showing a scooter tow operation from launch to landing.
Tandem Paragliding at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA
Kiwi`s can fly. Fast growing New Zealand based Paragliding and Hang Gliding website with forums, photo galleries and movies. International visitors most welcome, come and share your experiences.
Online shop and great paragliding information
British Columbia HG & PG

Murray Hay`s Paragliding School in East Scotland.

He`s a man with a mission to improve safety!
A fun open-format competition in the Dominican Republic!
Mac Para gliders in Australia plus info on flying in Bright, Victoria - Australia
Paragliding world, paraglider wings.
Self made paramotor & paragliding movies.
Also an online flight logbook for everybody to use and completly free, no strings attached.
Paragliding club in Portugal...
Paragliding South Africa

Flying sites, paraglider reviews, articles, books, cartoons and cross-country flying stories.

Paragliding Links
Ojovolador One of the most useful paragliding websites out there. Check it out.
Powered Paragliding Ontario A great site with literally hundreds of pages on flying matters. This is certainly one to visit if you have ever considered a strap on ...motor. Check out the course archive and news which is updated several times weekly.
Alpine Sky Tours Very cheap Paragliding/skiing holidays on French/Swiss border. Pick ups from Geneva. These guys are the best! Contact (they're not paying me! Tell them Mark sent you)
WendyWindBlows Weather 'nowcast' service for UK. Able to text you when it is flyable.
Paraventure Paragliding school in Abergavenny Wales. Great team - good advice.
South East Wales Club Extremely useful web site, crammed with information for flying in Wales
Redbull acroteam Redbull vertigo These guys are having the times of their lives..lucky bastards!
Acro SAT Team More flying madness with some of the best acrobatic pilots in the world. One day.
Otto Lilienthal The grandfather of hangliding, flying from his own hill 100 years ago on homebuilds.
Create and manage your own flight log book. Share your flight information with other pilots. Include GPS track log info. Use Google Earth to really see where you`ve flown.
New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Foreign pilots intending to work as tandem pilots or instructors must be full members of the NZHGPA.
They may be granted a New Zealand rating equivalent to their home country rating.
Foreign pilots must have completed a first aid course within the last 24 months and the first aid certifcate must be produced as evidence.
A visual flight rules exam must be completed by all pilots, the study guide and exam are available on-line.
horizonte vertical paragliding + more horizonte vertical
paragliding + more
More paragliding merchandise. 57+ Designs.
Vertigo Pics Some nice photo galleries of vertigo acro competition

Non Paragliding links
Troy Hartman (stuntman) This guy has done it all
Flapping flight All things related to ornithopters
An airplane that flaps... If this ever flies I would love to see it
First hanglider pilot (Otto) This is the story of the truly remarkable Otto Lilienthal. A man with a passion for flight. The first free-flier
More about Otto
The Wright brothers A detailed historical account of the work of the most famous aviators of all time.
An interview with Dr Paul D. MacCready A fascinating insight into the motivation of a brilliant man - who made human powered flight a reality.
Birdman skydiving/base jumping videos Truly amazing footage!
$50,000 helicopter This is the world's cheapest personal helicopter.
Kite forum Kite surfing/buggying/boarding etc. It's all here.
Sailplane Racing
Base Jumping Simple, informative site.
Cluster ballooning If anyone fancies sponsoring me to strap 100 + helium weather balloons to my paragliding harness I would be up for it (apparently illegal in Canada though)
Bridge Day The biggest organised base jumping event (in the world?)
Base jumping videos/DVDs
Kitewing This is a 'mini hanglider/windsurfer' hybrid thingy
Extreme Dreams This guy is a hero. Don't let life get you down. Just because he is blind doesn't mean he can't enjoy life to the fullest.
Jetman videos Yves Rossy straps a jet engine to his back and throws himself out of a plane-for fun!
Yamgo Extreme Sports Mobile

Extreme Sports Mobile TV Productions and Publishing. Services for mobile content retailers and media owners. Competitions and an extreme sports register for athletes.

Start Page A UK based directory of interesting links sorted by category
Fun sites Worth a browse - directory of `fun` websites

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Low Flyin' Fun
Jason invents acro-kiting!
Roy Returns
Jason returns
dbagging - beginner's guide
Jumping from a tandem paraglider
Deployment at Hammondsport
Hilarious launch
Jason d-bags
Rimouski island
Friday's flying at Rimouski
Rimouski - juggling
Csaba's crash
Nice evening flight
Low Flight
Powered Paragliding Ontario
Fancy footwork
More PPG training
PPG training
Mukrim's sweet launch!

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Parapente Web Videos K-Leb
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Who Killed The Electric PPG
Christmas Presents for Paraglider Pilots
Christmas Presents for Paraglider Pilots
Come fly with us
Hi Mark
Where are you based
Finger Lakes this weekend
Don't unclip your leg-straps if you might re-launch
Italy valley flight
New Dedicated PPG Forum
have a look at the lattest demos at PARATROC...
Use your GPS to measure ski speed
Free Paragliding T-shirts designs
Bad launch technique videos
PARATROC is now near the official landing field in DOUSSARD
Costa Rica Paragliding - Dec 19-26
Ohio "Free Spirit" package
Nearly but no quite Off the ground
Paragliding chat room
Beginner looking for 2 wk course in Europe

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