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Annecy 2015 - 4th day
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Niagara Flying
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Who Killed The Electric PPG
Who Killed The Electric PPG
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Christmas Presents for Paraglider Pilots
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Hi Mark
Hi Mark
Hi Mark
Where are you based
Where are you based
Finger Lakes this weekend
Finger Lakes this weekend
Don't unclip your leg-straps if you might re-launch
Don't unclip your leg-straps if you might re-launch
Italy valley flight
Italy valley flight
Italy valley flight
Italy valley flight
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Free-flight films
Title: Jason invents acro-kiting!
Comments: Jason Andrews demonstrates how NOT to launch from steep sandy cliffs....(more)
Title: dbagging - beginner's guide
Comments: Jason's first attempt at a dbag - self taught :) ...(more)
Title: Jumping from a tandem paraglider
Comments: This was filmed in the summer of 2007. We met Simon through ...(more)
Title: Mukrim's sweet launch!
Comments: It seems the local kids were fairly impressed by Mukrim's launch. It's a tricky site to launch from, but found a forward launch on my DHV1 wing a lot easier than reverse launching a comp wing in such a tight spot. ...(more)
Title: Mossy Bank
Comments: Mukrim, Scott and I catch some nice thermals at Mossy Bank, Finger Lakes. ...(more)
Title: Hammondsport
Comments: Life really doesn't get much better than this. I rented the cabin next to launch for the weekend, so that I could show my girlfriend the Finger Lakes. She wrote her novel all day and I flew, top landing for the occasional spot of tea! ...(more)
Title: Italy Valley
Comments: After a washed out, wet, windy and cold Saturday we were rewarded with glorious thermalling conditions on Sunday afternoon. ...(more)
Title: Annecy in May
Comments: This is some 2004 footage I dug out. When I am not able to paraglide it is nice to look through my old video tapes. ...(more)
Title: Jason's helicopter
Comments: Jason is really getting into his acro paragliding. I finally uploaded this video of one of his first helicopters. ...(more)
Title: Tricky conditions
Comments: With a westerly wind on a NNW slope we were getting some rotor off the trees. Mukrim was having fun trying to launch. I was just happy to watch and film!...(more)
Title: Saleve Flying
Comments: After 3 days of rain we were pleased to get some flying in at Saleve. ...(more)
Title: Jason SATs over Saleve
Comments: Jason has been practicing his SATs. ...(more)
Title: Pole cam spiral
Comments: After a dissappointing few days, a break in the weather meant I could attempt to film with pole cam. ...(more)
Title: Hiroshi launches
Comments: Just a short clip e-mailed from Turkey. ...(more)
Title: Morgan`s reserve ride
Comments: Shot by Alex Butler, ...(more)
Title: Jason`s cloud 9 debut
Comments: Jason was keen to get this video clip to me. He had to film the projector screen at the cloud 9 bar in Oludeniz. ...(more)
Title: Mahoney doing wingovers
Comments: Olu Deniz Local Acro pilot Mahoney does some wingovers right over launch. ...(more)
Title: Mahoney SATs
Comments: Olu Deniz Local Acro Guru Mahoney doing SATs ...(more)
Title: The oldies do a tandem!
Comments: This is a short film of my parents doing tandem flights from the Col de la Forclaz launch in Annecy last year. They both started paragliding lessons in the early nineties, but never finished the course so this was the first time they had been at any great height although they have both soloed from s...(more)
Title: Talybont - 2004
Comments: I`ve been sitting on this footage for some time. Since it rained all weekend (April 22nd 2006) I had a chance to dig out some of my old flying tapes. ...(more)
Title: Pole Cam at Saleve
Comments: This was just an experiment to see if I could get some shots with the bullet camera on the end of a light weight pole. It is possible, but it would not be very safe in crowded skies or thermic conditions. ...(more)
Title: Top stuff
Comments: Doesn`t it feel great to be working hard in minimal lift, scratching your way back up to take off when you manage to land on top again then see your buddies packing up and climbing back up the hill! ...(more)
Title: Petite tour du lac
Comments: This is some film ...(more)
Title: Our trip with Alpine Sky Tours
Comments: This was the second time we stayed with Dave Bannister of Alpine Sky Tours. If you want a flying holiday with good food, free retrievals! a different alpine flying site every day... then these guys are worth contacting. They are friendly, helpful and best of all CHEAP!...(more)
Title: Paragliding in Annecy
Comments: Annecy has it all. This is one of the best places I have ever paraglided. The alpine scenery is magnificent, food in the local region is delicious and all the take off sites are well mapped, maintained and sign posted. If you are new to paragliding and want to fly some of the best sites in Europe th...(more)
Title: Alpine Sky Tours Spiral
Comments: Jason and I are planing to go paragliding in Annecy again in July (2005). I was pleased with this little video clip. It was one of the first spiral dives I managed to catch on film. The camera mount was a triumph of sticky tape engineering, consisting of wire string and velcro! This was my second tr...(more)
Title: 2004 Annecy Spiral Dive
Comments: This was a bit awkward to film as I was trying to point the camera at the wing while performing the spiral dive. If you listen carefully you can hear one of the straps snapping just before I look down to see what is wrong (6 secs in ). The forces in a spiral dive can get quite high, so just watch yo...(more)
Title: A spiral dive viewed from the air
Comments: This was tricky to film. My hands were freezing cold as it was late October. Jason is quite low when he exits the spiral, but he managed to get back into ridge lift at the base of the mountain and work his way up for another go. ...(more)
Title: A spiral dive down to the landing field
Comments: I am going back to Annecy for a paragliding holiday in July (2005). By then Jason (my twin brother) and I should have a few clips to beat this shoddy effort! I was pleased with this `spot landing` though. It was ...(more)
Title: A great winter flight
Comments: Andy is a very funny guy ...(more)
Title: Jason gets a bit close to a big bit of rock!
Comments: I left this as it is simply because I thought it might give non-pilots a feel for what real flying is like. No music, no cuts , no fades.....just awful sound quality and compressed video! This film was shot by my brother in Annecy. I have left it completely unedited. No music, no cuts, no fade...(more)
Title: Top Landing at Annecy
Comments: This is footage of my first and only top landing at Annecy (as of writing this May 2005). I made about eight approaches before finally getting up the nerve to go for it. It's pretty much just a controlled crash really, as the space is so tight with trees hampering your approach. A nice padded har...(more)
Title: Annecy is the place for a free flying holiday
Comments: This is basically some old footage that I have not been able to access since my camera stopped working. The blue glider is my twin brother Jason. At the time of writing, I haven`t seen him for a whole year since I emigrated to Canada on May 2nd 2004! Well since my camera is working I can edit all my...(more)
Title: Acro paragliding video from Saleve
Comments: These acro paragliding guys have it down to an art. Wish I lived there! I`ll be back in the Alps in July/August. I can`t wait. Well since my camera is working I can edit all my old footage from the French/Swiss Alps. This is a bit of acro by the local pilots at Saleve. It makes landing the normal wa...(more)

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Christmas Presents for Paraglider Pilots
Christmas Presents for Paraglider Pilots
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Don't unclip your leg-straps if you might re-launch
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